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Not as it seems: Online Impostors

With work-from-home being a reality, a number of businesses/professionals have started to offer their services online. A problem now comes to mind, how sure are you that the person you are consulting or talking to is really licensed to practice the said profession, or worse is that person really the person he is claiming to be?

Sexual Harassment: Not Just a Bad Joke

Sexual Harassment: Not Just a Bad Joke By Atty. Wivino Bracero II Date: 02 July 2020 Sexual harassment is something that, in the olden days, everyone knew existed but dare not speak about. Victims are then left too often to suffer alone and in silence. Who could blame them after all? Before, when one speaks

Can I Get in Trouble for Criticizing Someone on Social Media

Free speech has always been the cornerstone of any democratic society. It is so important in our society that it is jealously protected and guaranteed by no less than the Constitution. However, much like all other freedoms, the exercise of free speech is not without limitation. As the old adage goes, one’s freedoms end where another’s rights begin.