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When Taxes Go Online

In the past, very little attention was given to online stores, especially by our taxing authorities. However, with the government imposing community quarantines, the popularity and utility of online stores has hit an all-time high. The underside of this rise in popularity is that it has come into the radar of the BIR. In recent months, calls have been made to tax these online stores/sellers. Expectedly, these calls have been met with staunch opposition from the online seller community. But I think there is a disconnect with the understanding here. Our tax laws provide for 0% tax rate. That’s right, zero. Let us explain.

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Debt Collection: Know Your Rights

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuously wreaking havoc on economies around the world, more and more people are finding themselves strapped for cash. With hundreds – if not thousands – of businesses closing shop either temporarily or permanently and a lot more downsizing their operations, employees are left without any means of livelihood. A a substantial number have resorted to borrowing money from a multitude of lending companies now operating within the country. The problem starts when the borrowers become unable to pay back their loans.

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Work from Home: What you need to know.

With the current pandemic still raging in our country especially in Metro Manila, a lot of companies have switched from onsite operations to employees working from home where possible. This, of course, conjured up a lot of questions both from the employees and the employers alike. We would try to answer some of them here.

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Sexual Harassment: Not Just a Bad Joke

Sexual Harassment: Not Just a Bad Joke By Atty. Wivino Bracero II Date: 02 July 2020 Sexual harassment is something that, in the olden days, everyone knew existed but dare not speak about. Victims are then left too often to suffer alone and in silence. Who could blame them after all? Before, when one speaks

Yes, you should still pay the rent

A good number of our population lease the houses (including rooms, apartments, and other forms of leased accommodations) that they are living in. But with the imposition of the community quarantines in its different forms throughout the country many were unable to go to work or make a living. A question thus became apparent: Do we still need to pay our rent during the period of the community quarantine?

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Limited Samgyupsal – The Truth About Restaurant Franchises

So after a hearty meal of grilled meat, luscious kimchi, and melted cheese, you decide to open your own unlimited samgyupsal restaurant. You talk with the franchise owner and both of you agree to all the terms and conditions. The next day, a franchise agreement is delivered to your door and you are about to put your signature on the dotted line.